Striato-pallidal axons from a single striatal neuron stained in vivo by intracellular injection of HRP.  From: Chang, H.T., Wilson, C.J. and Kitai, S.T. (1981) Single neostriatal efferent axons in the globus pallidus:  A light and electron microscopic study.  Science  213:915-918.

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A Cholinergic Interneuron in the striatum, stained by intracellular injection of HRP, and counterstained with Cresyl Violet. (unpublished)

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The soma and dendritic tree of a striatal cholinergic interneuron reconstructed from serial sections. From: C.J. Wilson, H.T. Chang, and S.T. Kitai (1990) Firing patterns and synaptic potentials of identified giant aspiny interneurons in the rat neostriatum.  J. Neurosci. 10:508-519.  Only the main axon is shown, without the final branches or terminal arborizations.

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