We study the circuitry and neurons of the basal ganglia, with the goal of understanding the computational function of these structures at the cellular level, and their dysfunction in diseases, especially Parkinson’s Disease.  Our experiments are focused on the ionic mechanisms that endow each cell type with its characteristic responses to synaptic input, the patterns of connectivity that deliver specific inputs to each cell, and the dynamics that arise from the combination of these.

This site contains a lab bibliography, summaries of some recent papers, and some images and other data from our studies that are available for public use.  

Our laboratory is funded by grants from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Basal Ganglia Anatomy, Physiology and Computation

Department of Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio

Lab People:

Charles Wilson

Erick Olivares

James Jones

Rostislav Likhotvorik

Jacob Pena

C.J. Wilson Laboratory at UTSA