Ramana Dodla
Postdoc, Dep. Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: 1 210 458 7493, Fax: 1 210 458 5658, Email> username:ramana.dodla domain:utsa.edu
Phase function
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On Coupled Neuronal Oscillators: [Poster: SfN2011(Abs)]
On Effect of Noise on Neuronal Response: [Posters: CoSyNe2007 (Abs) | CNS2007 (Abs) | CNS2008 (Abs) | SfN2012 (Abs) ]
On Structure and Correlations Between Spike Trains or Discrete Events: [Poster: CNS2010 (Abs) ]
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On Coupled Oscillators: [Reviews on this: review1 | review2 | review3]
On Thermal Conduction: [Conference paper: ICPP 1998]
Research Interests:
-- Computation and electrophysiology of basal ganglia and auditory brain neurons.
-- Neuronal synchrony and disease network models.
-- Dynamical systems and stochastic modeling of collective phenomena in coupled oscillators.
-- Statistical/quantitative modeling, serial correlations, clustering between discrete events.
-- Delay differential and difference equations.
-- Electronic experimental modeling of coupled oscillators.
Coupled oscillators, neuronal modeling, biophysical modeling,
excitable systems, delay equations, synchronization, asynchrony, chaos,
serial correlations, cluster analysis, basal ganglia electrophysiology, auditory neurons, facilitation, inhibition.